Sail away party


Saying goodbye to new found friends is one of the sad necessities of cruising, but the Jewel has a new meaning when you meet people like Adam Scicluna. One of the nicest and talented blokes I have had the pleasure to meet. I love these cruises for the sheer fact of the calibre of people I have met.

We sailed in to Sydney this morning and unloaded all the partied out now over weight passengers and took on another 1850 excited cruisers to do it all over again.

The entertainment staff and crew waste no time to get the party started and sell as much alcohol as they can.

I've been told the Sydney harbor is one of the most beautiful cities to sail out of, especially at sunset. Watching the lights come on transforming the city into the party town it's known for is spectacular to say the least.

Here we go again...

Show time tomorrow... Isle of Pines Saturday... Mystery Island Sunday... fly home from Vila Monday... Bring it on!



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